Book Review

Book Review : The Soul Charmer by Richa Saxena

Book Review : The Soul Charmer

Author :  Richa Saxena

Publication House : Half Baked Beans

ASIN Code : B01N7KWL16

Buy The Book “The Soul Charmer” Here

Number Of Pages : 54 Pages

Blurb :

Remember the first time you uttered those three important words expressing your love or the first time when you said ‘goodbye’ to your loved one. The first time, you got a jolt in your heart or the first time you held a life in your arms. The Soul Charmer is diligent and unique.

Richa Saxena has tried to put forth a compilation of thirty-four surreal poems that would recreate that magic and unleash your deepest thoughts. Seasons must have passed by, but that feeling still remains in the heart. Her poems would revive those very thoughts, the ones said and the ones that remained unsaid .

About The Author :

A soul charmer, indeed. A dreamer. A tale knitter. Plays with words like fire. There is a fire in her heart that keeps her going. To know more, bounce your ideas on her and you’d know. A qualified Company secretary. A law graduate. Content writer. Content curator. Copy editor. A writer. A baker by passion. A hacker who hacks into people’s mind and digs out their real self. Not a rule book follower. A typical Sagittarian. Impulsive. A home bird . A rebel. A woman of substance. A doting mother. A caring wife. A proud daughter. The Soul Charmer is her debut book.

Review :

I am not much of a poetry reader but this novel made me so engrossed in it that It took 4 hours to read all the 32 Poems.

The Name of the Novel is really Apt.
All the Poems are written in such a way which can charm anyone to read the Poems.

Favourite Poem: Please, betray me!

Most Deep Poem: The painful memories

Longest Poem: To the love of my life (But I must tell you, It was not boring)

Only Poem which I skipped: Daddy’s little princess (Not even a Single Word)

Short & Crisp Poem: What a heart aspires!

Motivational/ Inspiring Poem: In hope of a better tomorrow

My Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

The Poems were so well written..that It took me a while to understand and figure out the exact gist because Many of the Poems could have been interpreted in many ways!

Looking Forward to more Poems from Richa Saxena. I believe You should not confine yourself to just romantic poems or poems related to Love, You should also explore other areas as well.

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