Book Review

Book Review : 28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States By Jubanashwa Mishra



Book Review : 28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States

Author :  Jubanashwa Mishra

Publication House : Notion Press

ISBN-10 Code : 1946204811

ISBN-13 Code : 978-1946204813

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Number Of Pages : 184 Pages

Blurb :

In 2013, Jubanashwa embarked upon a experiential journey of doing 28 jobs in 28 states of India to rediscover himself. This journey entailed traveling 25,000 km, and he explored a long list of jobs like mountain cleaner, TRP analyst, tattoo artist, rafting trainee, and cremation assistant.
Twenty eight is an age at which the society expects you to ‘settle down’, but an unknown force propelled him to undertake this journey instead. He could not get over his very first love, and he believed he was destined to meet her again.
The book takes you through a diverse range of experiences, like the Israelis who live a high life in Himachal, the community from Mizoram who claim to be the lost Jews, Bollywood glamour just before a movie’s release, or the Buddhist monk’s life in a monastery.
This book presents a message to youngsters to chase their dreams instead of entering blindly into the stereotypical professions of engineering or medicine.

About The Author :

Jubanashwa Mishra has worked 28 jobs in all the 28 states of India for one week each, immersing in a process of re-discovering himself. He started this journey in mid-May 2013 which ended in December 2013, with a variety of jobs ranging from mountain cleaner to TRP Analyst to Tattoo maker to Rafting Trainee to Cremation Assistant to Tea Factory Worker to Bullet Mechanic. After a stereotypical Indian degree in Engineering, Jubanashwa had worked for 3 years in Tata Consultancy Services. Then, he did his post-graduation from the school of ideas -MICA, Ahmedabad. Before starting this One Week Job India journey, he had worked on many challenging projects ranging from digital consulting for top companies, to first-time-ever biggest rural brand activation through folk-theatre called JATRA. He lives in Bhubaneswar working as a media consultant. He has also founded a preschool called Paper Boat.

Review :

The Title “28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States” is really unique and quite intriguing. The first time I heard of this Novel, I was engaged with the thought How could someone manage to get a new job every week, and that too for 28 weeks continuously, What a coincidence!
And not only that, but getting a New Job every week in a “DIFFERENT” State, that was some height of coincidence. I thought this must be a work of Fiction. But When I started reading this Novel, I got to know that this Novel is the result of his real Life Journey Experience.

I feel the Cover of the Novel is not up to the standard of the novel. Had it been something related to India, or Something related to few of the Jobs he did, The cover would have been more interesting and engaging for the readers.

I loved the Thank You note in the Beginning which was very witty. It read:”To my Parents, Thank you for providing me food and shelter whenever I was bankrupt!”.

The Author also took adequate time in introducing himself and his Background in the Prologue Section, which really helped me understand him as a Person and his whole Journey in a better way.

The Journey begin in Gujarat, then moving North to South, covering East and ended in Hindustan ka Dil “Madhya Pradesh” (Madhya Pradesh Tourism ~ Hindustan ka Dil Dekho). This is a must read novel for all those who love to travel but yet not got a chance to explore various cultures, food, lifestyles and work environments across different states of India.
While reading the Novel, I relived my visits to many of the States, be it Tea operations in Assam, or the heritage experience in a Rajasthani Haveli Hotel, and many other. The Stories are witty, fascinating and its a Travel voyage full of refreshing experiences.

My Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Overall It was an amazing Novel, and I loved the whole experience through every Job, every week, every State.

I would love to read his work in Future. Looking forward to his Next Novel. And I hope He publish it soon.

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