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Author Interview : Neelam Mishra

About The Author : Neelam Mishra

Our Today’s Guest for Interview is the Author of an anthology of short stories “Vividity“, Neelam Mishra. She was born and brought up in Bhilai, the Steel City of Chhattisgarh. She used to be a creative child who loved to listen to stories, visualize them and create some new ones on her own. But unfortunately, her hobby gradually got overshadowed by the pressures of our education system. Writing short stories was her long lost childhood hobby which got reincarnated after her tenure with ICICI as a Deputy Manager. She decided to quit a well paid banking job (which everyone desires to join) to pursue her Dream and Passion. Currently, She is working as an Independent Financial Advisor. Her Novel “Vividity” has been on sale since 27th February, 2017.

Her Notable Works:


Vividity – not your usual short stories collection



Since I am also from a Financial Background. May I know, What it felt like when you left your Job to become a Mutual Fund Distributor ?

I still feel that quitting my job is the most benign thing I have done for myself. Bank job is still one the alluring jobs for many but personally when I found that it requires me to compromise with my ethics many a times just to sell their product, I couldn’t feel that way.

As an independent Mutual Fund distributor, I am not under pressure to sell the fund which my employer wants me to sell. And as a responsible financial advisor, I will give my clients what they actually need.

Being an author is an uphill task. What is the most tiresome and complex task you went through while publishing for the first time?

There was only one problem that I faced. Actually I think fast but type slow. So I used to take a lot of breaks. I tried to take someone’s help but somewhere between thinking, dictating and waiting for the person to type, the soul gets lost. So I took it slow but finally completed it.

During those time when you got extremely fed up and felt like running away, What kept you going during that point of time?

Honestly, maybe I could have gone under depression if God hasn’t given me a creative mind that could engage itself in writing short stories so that it could get distracted from all negative thoughts. To be frank, I am not perfect in language that is why I never gave it a thought to publish what all I have written. But I reached a point in my life where I desperately wanted to feel good about myself. And my elder sister asked me several times to give it a try. So finally, I published my collection and the result is in front of all.

Is there any kind of writing which you despise?

No. In fact I never even gave it a thought before.

When did you decide that you want to write? One of the first novels that you read which inspired you to write ?

It just happened. Stories have always been my favourite element in movies. After quitting my job watching short films in youtube became my favorite pass time. It inspired me to write some of my own. First fiction I read was “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes” and non-fiction was “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

When did those stories weave itself in your mind? Any specific incidents?

After quitting ICICI, Writing short stories was my long lost childhood hobby which got reincarnated during my gloomy time.

Even I couldn’t tell you exactly when it happened that I developed interest toward writing. But it was certainly after I quit my job.

Many people think that Life of Authors is exciting and rewarding (after the release of Movie Baghban). What are your views ?

Certainly it is but not the way how it was shown in Baghban. I personally feel that their point of view is different from all. They could see an aspect of life which others couldn’t. They are sensitive, well-informed, mature and content with life.

What is the most content feeling you have ever felt and when?

You might laugh but I felt more content on receiving my ARN card than on release of my book.

It gave me a satisfaction of being a business woman.

Any word of advice for authors and bibliophiles out there?

For authors: Just keep doing what you are doing. You are awesome. Don’t let the sales count define your worth.

For bibliophiles: Never stay hooked to one particular genre. Try others which are out of your interest too. At first it would be boring but still keep trying because you have the potential to be the most knowledgeable person among your peers.


Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and our readers. We hope your book “Vividity” touches the strings well with the readers.