Book Review

Book Review : Just A Few Lies by Sandeep Sharma


Book Review : Just A Few Lies

Author :  Sandeep Sharma

Publication House : Authors Paradise

ASIN Code : B071J4N3TJ

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Number Of Pages : 136 Pages

Blurb :

Understanding Writer’s mind is a complicated thing. He imagines, presumes and sometimes anticipates the reality and tries to blend with fiction. He is someone who stays in stories much more than in reality. His mind is full of giant maze but what happens when maze starts to peep out of imagination and enter the reality?

Anant, a bestselling ‘Superstar’ author is feeling that words have started to betray him and that’s why he starts to search for the ‘next Anant’ and be involved in the making of the next superstar.

Mystically, one day he reads Sagarika’s blog and gets amazed to know that all her blog posts are inspired from real life incidents of Anant himself. On the other hand, Anant’s problem of having hallucinations about random things is coming back in his life. Earlier those hallucinations were totally strange but now even those hallucinations make sense.

What exactly is happening with Anant?

Who this Sagarika really is?

What lies are being spoken in the veil of finding next ‘Superstar Bestselling Author’?

Answer lies behind ‘Just A Few Lies’.

About The Author :

Sandeep Sharma is an author who loves to play with fire. His plots are always the most unusual ones. This story follows the legacy of wonderful novels like Let The Game Begin or Algorithm Of Future.
The blurb says a lot.. ‘Understanding writer’s mind is a complicated thing’.. True indeed and this is applicable to Sandeep as well. His plots are no less than pleasant surprises for the readers.

Review :

Having read previous works of Sandeep Sharma, the novels like “Hey Dad meet my Mom”, “Let the Game Begin” and “Algorithm Of The Future”, I was quite sure of what kind of Novel I am picking, i was quite sure I won’t be disappointed with this Novel.

This novel is about an writer and blogger Anant and Sagarika. Chapter 1 begins with a Post telling about the protagonist Anant’s death and how he had left Sagarika (the one who has written the post) alone. There are 2 other important characters as well, Kavya, Anant’s wife and Raman, Anant’s manager. The novel forms the plot in beginning 4 chapters. The novel moves ahead when he receives the link of Sagarika’s Blog from an unknown profile. He gets so much excited and believes that She is the “next Anant” of literary industry. Then there was the past of Anant which was haunting him, he faced more hallucinations which made a lot sense and then… To find out about what happens next… Read “Just a Few lies” by Sandeep Sharma.

It is an amazing nice-paced read, which motivates and entertains the readers with unfolding of each page and every incident, revealing the story of Mr. Anant Raj, the most successful writer. Its written in a very simple, yet effective and lucid manner, that every reader is surely gonna enjoy. This novel is about the problems (like hallucination) and situations (dilemma) an author faces in life.
The book does have a few places where spaces were missed but yet it is a wonderfully written smart book.

My Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I recommend it to all the thriller book lovers..

I love to read his work. Every time, He comes up with something new and refreshing and amazes the reader.

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