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Author Interview : Kevin Missal

About The Author : Kevin Missal

Our Today’s Guest for Interview is the Author of  “Karma : World’s First InstaRead”, Kevin Missal. Kevin Missal is currently a student.  He completed his graduation from Faith Academy, currently studying History Hon. from St. Stephen’s College. Let us know more about his writing.

His Notable Works:


Karma : World’s First InstaRead


Being an author is an uphill task. What is the most tiresome and complex task you went through while publishing for the first time? 

It was cover designing. I was very reluctant on something fake so I made sure it was designed well.
What kept you going during that point of time? 
I think it’s the love of writing and storytelling. It’s like a kick you get when you write a good story.

Is there any kind of writing which you despise? 
I despise the writing where there’s no structure.

When did you decide that you want to write? One of the first novels that you read which inspired you to write ? 
Oliver Twist.

When did the story weave itself in your mind? Any specific incidents? 
I watched Psycho and was absolutely inspired from it.
Many people think that Life of Authors is exciting and rewarding (after the release of Movie Baghban). What are your views ? 
All I can say that it is exciting and rewarding but not in a monetary sense.

What is the most content feeling you have ever felt and when? 
When I signed my first books.

Any word of advice for authors and bibliophiles out there?
Just write what you want to write and make sure you have a ton of patience and money because it’ll take a lot of time.

I would like you to share something about yourself with the readers. Something that does not go in the ‘about the author’ section, something that is the real you.
I am a helpful guy. And that sometimes backfires me.
What’s more important to you as an author, sales or satisfaction?
Sales, of course. It gives me satisfaction that people are interested to read my book.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and our readers. We hope your book “Karma : World’s First InstaRead” touches the strings well with the readers.

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