Book Review

Book Review : 37+ Grace Marks: …Because Life is Beyond Numbers by Vishal Anand


Book Review : 37+ Grace Marks: …Because Life is Beyond Numbers

Author : Vishal Anand

Publication House : Shrishti Publishers & Distributors

ISBN Code : 978-9382665977

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Number Of Pages : 200 Pages

Blurb :

What happens when you fall in love at first sight? That too in college, which is supposed to be the best time of one’s life. But is it the best place to find love too?

Viraj falls head over heels in love with his classmate Nimisha, who could make boys on campus go crazy. While his friends Punit and Sahil just want to have fun – despite poor mark-sheets, grace marks to pass, and other everyday adventures – Viraj wants more from his life and love.

Life has led Viraj to the edge of a cliff. He has a choice to make – to forget everything and jump, or fight.

What brought him here? An unrequited love, encounters with law, or the dilemma of grace marks? Where does Viraj’s story eventually end?

Welcome to 37 + Grace Marks, Viraj’s journey to discover that there is more to life than marks.

Review :

The title of the story is well chosen, as it make the readers think about their time which they spent in college, the time when they only want to enjoy their life and used to study only during exams, just to get the passing marks. The cover having a picture of 2 couples with the guy reading book also matches the theme of the novel.

The novel revolves around the college life of Viraj and his friends. The novel is quite real and relatable as in real life, no girl directly accepts the offer of any Guy in the first proposal which is normally shown in every other novel.In this novel, the female protagonist Nimisha keeps on rejecting the proposal of Viraj.

Viraj just like any another engineering student, passes time in college. He was not so good in studies. But when he sees Nimisha for the first time, he fell in love with her. He then becomes good friend with her but when he expresses his love for her, she rejects him. Like any other college life, Things move on, so does Viraj’s life, and Viraj gets involved with other things like his friends, projects and fests. The language in narration was simple but got a boring in a few chapters. It was as if the author was trying to stretch the story. But in some places, the story was rushed. The story could have been written in a better way, with a better end.

Cover- 4.5 Stars
Title- 4 Stars
Blurb- 3 Stars
Narration: 4 Stars
Plot- 4 Stars
Characters: 4 Stars
Writing and Presentation- 4 Stars
Overall Rating- 4 Stars

My Ratings: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

The book is for light and fun reading, and should not be missed by those who like to read love stories.
I would like to conclude by saying that “37+ Grace Marks: …Because Life is Beyond Numbers” is an amazing novel and is a sure way to relive your College life and those memories related to college life.

Looking Forward to his Next Novel.

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