Book Review

Book Review- The Moon in The Sun by Sanjay Kumar Singh

Author : Sanjay Kumar Singh

Publication House : Notion Press

ISBN Code :  978-1947137479

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Number Of Pages : 198 Pages


When Narayan Sambhan’s world fell apart at a very tender age, the time he spent in the forests that lay ample around his village resuscitated him. No one knew the forests and the tiger better than Narayan Sambhan. But the forests are mercilessly cut down and increasing loneliness invades his life. As he struggles to carry on, a remarkable incident takes place.

The Moon In the Sun is a tale in poetry set in the Himalayan Terai replete with mesmerizing sights, bliss and beauty as also nerve-wracking experiences that the jungles alone can provide and bestow. It is also a touching tale, in poetry, of the wonderful journey that life can be when the soul attempts to break free.


The cover of book indicates much about the content inside in it, the love for Tiger, an old man, summing it up to the love for green nature and forest.

The book is very unique, the plot is interesting, and the whole novel is in the form of poetry. It is in two parts, the past of Narayan Sambhan & how he discovers peace, love in the woods and greenery.
How he knows the in and outs of forest and help the photographer shoot tigers and tigress, is written very beautifully.

The book talks about wildlife, green, deforestation, afforestation, love for animals, peace.

These days, most of the are realising the love for Nature, to attain thier peace of mind. Preserving nature has been very necessary, and how it is effecting wildlife and humans can be read in this book.
Even if you’re not nature lover, this book bonds to share with feeling of being in woods and forest. How could one can attain peace of mind and discover the soul calling by spending enough time with the nature.
The Poet has worked really amazing to bring out this book, with every page, with every line, one can imagine and feel about the nature and love for it.

If you’re poetry lover, and nature lover. This book is really apt for you. You would discover yourself binding with the love of nature and greenery.

Cover- 4 Stars
Title- 4.5 Stars
Blurb- 4.5 Stars
Narration- 4.5 Stars
Characters- 4.5 Stars
Writing and Presentation- 4 Stars
Overall Rating- 4.5 Stars

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