Book Review

Book Review – Love Will Find A Way by Anurag Garg

Love Will Find a WayBlurb

Madhav is an aspiring writer stuck in a dead-end corporate job that gives him no joy and no time to write his book. But there’s more to him than meets the eye. He has been hiding a secret all his life-which, if revealed, may shatter the very existence of his being.
His loved ones know he’s holding something back but don’t suspect anything grave until his girlfriend, Meera, tired of his constant mood swings, decides to take him to an art therapy session. There he meets someone who tries to unearth the past Madhav so desperately wants to keep buried.So what exactly happened years ago? Why does Madhav not want to go down memory lane?From the bestselling author of A Half-Baked Love Story and Love . . . Not for Sale comes another enigmatic tale of friendship, hidden truths and the redeeming power of love.

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The cover of the Novel is one of the most beautiful cover i have seen so far, the background image is just so soothing to see and feel relaxed.

The title actually reveals the plot of the Novel, that the novel is related to some love story. I completely concur with the Title that Love will find a way, it always does.

This story is about Madhav who is working in corporate sector, and like most of the people working there, is not happy with his job.

This story is about someone who is keeping his past from everyone he knows..I liked the way, Radhika who is the love interest of Madhav shows her concern for him and his reactions.

The story was gripping throughout from the beginning till the end. The Characters were well written. The plot was exceptional and I loved the way the story being written in third person added to the value of the story.

This is a must read for people looking to read something which has casual and simple narrative language. People looking for romantic thriller novel could definitely pick this novel.

Looking forward to read more works of the author Anurag Garg.

Cover- 5 Stars
Title- 4.5 Stars
Blurb- 3.5 Stars
Narration: 4 Stars
Plot- 4 Stars
Characters: 4.5 Stars
Writing and Presentation- 4.5 Stars
Overall Rating- 4.5 Stars

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