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Author Interview : Aiman Parween

About The Author : Aiman Parween

Our Today’s Guest for Interview is the Author of  “Treaty Of Broken Pieces”, Aiman Parween. She is a 19-year old girl. She started writing poem when she was around 6 years. Her first poem title was “Maa“. She has always been keenly interested in writing. She started writing stories on social media groups, which people liked.

Aimaan Parween (

Then she started writing on a platform called Wattpad where her story got ranked soon after getting published. She wrote two other short stories named “What love means” and “Red light love”. Both stories are available in kindle.  Her first paperback book was “Her wounds hurt him”.

Treaty Of Broken Pieces”  is her second novel. This book is based on the life events of girl named Bishti Kapoor and people surrounding her at different phases in life in various type of situations.

Her Notable Works:

Her wounds hurt him (

Treaty of Broken Pieces (


Being an author is an uphill task. What is the most tiresome and complex task you went through while publishing for the first time?                                                      Surprisingly getting published is the easiest thing for the authors. And I mean just getting your name in the cover of book, thanks to self-publishing and kindle. But if you want to be a brand it’s not any different from old days. Yes it’s easy to send the manuscript to the publisher. But after that the process is same. So if want to actually be a celebrated author and not just want book under your name then key is to keep publishing.

What kept you going during that point of time?
If you really want to do some nothing is going to tire or frustrate you. If you get tired you aren’t doing it right.

Is there any kind of writing which you despise?
Umm…. No I don’t. I enjoy everything until it ends well. Life is sad enough we don’t want stories also having tragic ending.

When did you decide that you want to write? One of the first novels that you read which inspired you to write ? 

I write from my childhood actually. I started with two-line poems. It wasn’t any book. It was just my father who challenged me to write and I started writing. That was it.

When did the story weave itself in your mind? Any specific incidents? 

I am thinker. And it’s bad it’s really bad. There is not anything which do not lead me to a story. A heads up even when I am talking to someone I am thinking. I hate the reality so I make an alternate universe in my head.

Many people think that Life of Authors is exciting and rewarding (after the release of Movie Baghban). What are your views ?
No doubt it is. Even if you do not become famous at least you enjoy living anyone’s life. An author is the master of his characters and can bend them in any way he likes. Not everyone is that lucky to own such a power. In every way it’s rewarding.

What is the most content feeling you have ever felt and when? 

You should not ever feel satisfied. It destroys your craving to be what you dreamt of. So, no matter what happens, never say that’s it.

Any word of advice for authors and bibliophiles out there?

I am not yet at point to give advice. So just be real in whatever you do.

I would like you to share something about yourself with the readers. Something that does not go in the ‘about the author’ section, something that is the real you.

I might be the most annoying person you will meet. I am very stubborn.

What’s more important to you as an author, sales or satisfaction?
To be honest both. If you want to make a career out of it you need both. In absent of one other doesn’t worth anything.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and our readers. We hope your book “Treaty Of Broken Pieces” touches the strings well with the readers.

2 thoughts on “Author Interview : Aiman Parween”

  1. Very nice interview session. I enjoyed author’s honest answers. Loved the answer actually relatable when you asked her when did the story weaved itself in your mind.


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