Book Review

Book Review: Treaty of Broken Pieces by Aiman Parween

Treaty of Broken Pieces (


The story revolves around the life events of Bishti Kapoor and people surrounding her at different phases in life in various type of situations. Bishti is a girl full of life, enthusiasm and she loved to live life and enjoy every moment during her college days. She was a girl whom people call “beauty with brain”.

But Bishti’s entire world turned upside down and she became a sheer drug addict with time. Smoke, alcohol & drugs consumed her completely….What made her knocked off to such life ? What happened to her full of life nature ? Wasn’t there anyone to take care of her ? What about her parents ? What about friends and relatives ?


Cover- 4 stars
Title- 4.5 stars
Blurb- 4 stars
Narration- 4 Stars
Poems- 4 stars
Language- 4.5 stars
Writing and Presentation- 4 Stars
Overall Rating- 4 Stars

The cover is set in black color with an emerging photo of 2 Girls and 2 Boys, making it creative and unique.

The title is unique and thoughtful. The title justifies the story completely, Broken pieces here depicts various situations which broke the protagonist Bishti.

The Language is engaging and simple to connect. I was so hooked with the novel that I completed the novel in one sitting. This Story has love, friendship and heartbreak, not necessarily in the same order. The story is narrated in a very well manner. The way author has described the character of Bishti, I fell in love with her.

The characters are so relatable because they are realistic in every sense.

The beginning chapters forms the basis for the plot and the ending is just perfect, its inspiring.

All in all, I am impressed by the choice of words of the author and I recommend it to every guy because it tell what happens to a girl, when she is betrayed by someone she trusts. Your actions have serious implications which you might not be aware off.

I recommend it to every girl because this novel tell us what happens when we start punishing ourself for something wrong done by someone else. Its your life, don’t waste it on such people. And Drugs may provide temporary relief but in long run, it adds to your pain.

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