Book Review

Book Review: The Perfect Drug by Chaitanya Saini

The Perfect Drug (


Buddha meditated for six years, and Shiva had his mountain. Could there be a drug that might induce enlightenment? A substance that could cause us to attain a heightened state of consciousness, the gaining of a perspective that perforates this veil of maya, revealing the divine in us and others a well? One that makes us perceive that the biggest problem of the world isn’t global warming, air pollution, or overpopulation, but is a global demented state of consciousness, the demon of ignorance that has ingested this whole wide world?

Ananya synthesizes such a divine drink with immense difficulty, and tends it with great care-but the attainment of power often brings its abuse. It an attempt to beat the demon outside, he mutes all the voices contrary to his ambition including his much-revered intuition. He fails miserably but his torture endures. Does his indulgence keep Ananya entangled in the web of illusion, or will he emerge a true, conscious being, devoid of all attachments? Is the answer he has to discover for himself.


Cover- 4 stars

Title- 5 stars

Blurb- 5 stars

Narration- 4 Stars

Characterization- 5 stars

Language- 4.5 stars

Writing and Presentation- 4 Stars

Overall Rating- 4  Stars


The cover is set in a colorful background with an image of an emerging soul within the body, making it creative and unique. It’s simple and mesmerizing.

The title actually reveals the plot of the Novel, that the novel is related to drugs and addiction. Its thought provoking and makes the reader curious about the story so as to know which drug is the perfect drug as per the author.

The blurb is perfectly written, which makes the reader to pick this novel. It perfectly mentions the storyline of the novel while keeping the suspense portion of the plot intact.

The plot of the novel is based on the life of a Brilliant Boy named Ananya, who hailed from a middle class background. He wanted to study Physics, but ends up with Chemistry at a well known college of Delhi University, St. Stephens. The plot seems to be somewhere inspired by “Limitless”. This story is his journey from a life with love, to a life where he was knocked off to life with drugs. This is the first novel where I found the mentioning of MUNs (Model United Nations) which is quite common these days in Colleges these days. The plot of the story is quite real and relatable.

The author has really done a really commendable work with his research. Writing this kind of stuff requires a huge in depth research not only about characters, locations, and the situations in which the characters were set in.

The perfect narration style keep the readers hooked up till the end. The language is lucid, simple and perfectly written what should be in a perfect novel. It is well narrated, simple and close to heart story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. I would personally recommend this book to all the book lovers.

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