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Book Review: Years later…on Facebook by Jupinderjit Singh


Years later... on Facebook (


Years later … on Facebook is an anthology of short stories and Middles… the sheer joy of writing and… life with its funny and complicated happenings… Find out what transpired when a guy encountered a childhood flame after several years…. and when a career woman peeped out of marriage,…… another tale of love amidst firing on the Indo-Pak border….. and a young man stuck in the time warp of his teenage love… and about a girl who walked into a gym…. and relationships in the present cruel times of Love-Jihad.


Cover- 4 stars

Title- 3 stars

Blurb- 4 stars

Narration- 4 Stars

Characterization- 4 stars

Language- 5 stars

Writing and Presentation- 5 Stars

Overall Rating- 4  Stars


The cover has a colorful painting a boy riding a cycle behind a girl’s cycle of a road with greenery on side of the road. Both are wearing school dress. The cover is simply mesmerizing, as it reminds you of your school days.

The title could mean that the stories of various people which the author discovers while using Facebook after a long time.

The blurb is written carefully by the author. As He mentions the name of the various short stories in his novel which makes the reader pick his novel. It perfectly connects to the emotions of a reader for sure as it touches upon topics which everyone seems connected to, like teenage love. The author remains successful in keeping the suspense portion of many stories intact, which couldn’t have been guessed by the reader before reading.

This book is amazingly written and the stories were gripping and heart touching at the same time. All the stories were beautiful to read and many of them seemed to like a common man’s own story. All stories were relatable. The stories were not only amusing, but were witty enough to provide an awe-inspiring message after every story. The language used is really simple and the conversations seemed like the ones you normally have with your knowns or your friends.

The author has really done a really commendable work with his research. Writing this wide array of stories requires a good research atleast.

The perfect narration style keep the readers hooked up till the end. It is well narrated, simple and close to heart story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

I would personally recommend this book to all the book lovers who like to read short stories.

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