Book Review

Book Review: Discovery of Bhagat Singh’s Pistol and his Ahimsa by Jupinderjit Singh

This book traces a fascinating journey of a journalist who set out to discover Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s pistol, lost not only in the realms of time but government records also. It is a gripping tale of over eight decades long journey of the weapon, a .32 US Colt pistol, used by Shaheed Bhagat Singh to gun down British Police officer, JP Saunders outside Lahore Police station on December 17, 1928. After Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were sentenced to death, the pistol and other case properties were handed over to the Lahore Police to be kept at the Fire Arms Bureau at Police Training School (now Academy), Phillaur in Jalandhar district. That was the last written record about the pistol. The weapon was, however, not seen in Phillaur or elsewhere. In an exemplary journalistic investigation, Jupinderjit Singh brought the pistol of the much revered hero of India out of oblivion. At the same time the writer has delved deeper into Bhagat Singh’s idea of non-violence.

Cover: 4.5/5
Title: 5/5
Blurb: 4/5
Presentation: 4.5/5
Plot: 4.5/5
Final Rating: 4.5/5
The cover may seem simple yet it is very dominating element. It has the shades of red and black, and an image of Bhagat Singh with a Pistol. I found it interesting enough to read the book.
The title at first looked odd to me, as it had two words which are poles apart “Pistol” and “Ahimsa”. But when I read the story, it made me realise what the author actually meant, when he used both words together in the title. It suited the story and the plot perfectly.
The Story made me realise how little I knew about Bhagat Singh, I was aware about many facts about him as an revolutionary against the British Government.
This Book has changed my perspective about “The Legendary Bhagat Singh”. When I was a School student, we were taught that He killed many Britishers, that’s why he was hanged. Little did I knew, He only killed only once, a British Officer named JP Saunders. Infact after that incident he didn’t kill a single person.
This story talks about the pistol he used to kill him, it’s relevance in the independence of India. This story talks about that part of Bhagat Singh, little known to people. It’s an awareness read for those who considered only Mahatma Gandhi as a preacher of Ahimsa and Bhagat Singh a preacher of Violence.
The historical facts used by the author in creation of this story depicts the hardwork put in by him. He has left no stone unturned in creating the timeline in sync with what is verified to be true.
The Narration, the writing skills of the author is unmatched, the book kept me hooked till the end, and i got so involved in the moment that I almost forgot that this is a book. It felt like It was all happening in front of me.
I would strongly recommend this book to all those people who don’t value the independence which has been provided to us by birth because of the efforts and sacrifices of many martyrs like Legendary Bhagat Singh.

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