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Book Review: Myra by Kalgee Shah (Blog Tour Campaign)


Myra!!! Myra is independent. Myra is sassy. Myra is intelligent. MYRA is MYRA.

Myra knows what she wants, where she must reach in her life and what she means to others. She has never judged a book or a person by their cover and it sickens her if someone does the same.
Myra has her way with words unlike most of us. She can lend beautiful words to her opinions, her feelings and again unlike most of us she is really hard to influence.
Myra has passed her tests of friendship, love and life with flying colors with minimal collateral damage, BUT WILL SHE CONTINUE TO DO SO?
This book is not a fairy tale and so is Myra’s life. She stumbles upon chaos and our goody two shoes princess feels she is out of patience. She has a choice, what will she do and where will it lead her?
Will Myra turn ordinary after the storm settles or will MYRA BE AS SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN “UNORDINARY”?


Cover: 4.5/5
Title: 3/5
Blurb: 3.5/5
Presentation: 4/5
Plot: 4.5/5
Final Rating: 4/5
The cover is just beautiful to see. It has an image of a Guy putting in the bride’s foot in a shoe at stairs, which is quite a romantic gesture on the guy’s part. It feels that they are a newly wedded couple. It definitely lifts the romantic expectations of the readers from this novel.
The title of the Novel is based on the main character of the story, “Myra”. She is the Female protagonist in the story and the novel is based on her story.
The plot is simple, yet inspiring. The authoress has tried to portray the character of Myra as strong and brave, but as the same time she is a carefree nature girl.
The narration of the novel is first person narration which helped to understand the viewpoint of Myra, her thought process and struggles.
Apart from Myra’s character, I liked Neil’s character.
The book was a kind of whirlpool of emotions, it has all the elements, be it friendship, love, betrayal etc. The vocabulary can easily be understood as it was simple to understand and the pace of the novel is good.
I expected this novel to be like a Fairy tale considering the Title and the Cover, but the story actually seemed to be more connected with the reality.
The authoress has done some good work with her debut novel. According to me, It is a great one time read.


KALGEE SHAH, is a single child of Chetna Shah – a caring homemaker and Dwijen Shah – a government employee with a sense of humor about life. She has spent most of her life in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Academically she has done her Bachelors in Business Administration, which she now thinks wasn’t that great a decision because her first job was with an IT company as an content writer.

Books have been her best friends and she always make sure she takes a friend in her bag wherever she goes. Scribbling is one thing she loves the most, you will always find a piece of paper in her bag, with random ideas on it.

If you see someone on the roadside humming retro Bollywood songs with a sling bag and a book, that’s probably her. She loves her family and only few of her friends. Her chats with her mother, and perceiving the wisdom she has received from her has helped her pave the way to become an author.

Her favorite thing to do is to go on family vacations arranged by her father.


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