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Book Review: The Ray of Asha by Jisha Rajesh


A young journalist Gayatri Chaturvedi, was assigned to interview a spiritualist who was the talk of the town for his unique healing powers. Initially, she takes him for a fraud but as the interview proceeds, she realizes that he has a deep knowledge of medicine. Smitten by the charms of his looks and fascinated by his intriguing personality, she decides to probe into his past. Her investigation leads her to that era of his life when he was a post-graduate student of medicine. Right at the time when he was about to propose to his lady-love, his life turns upside down and he finds himself accused of the murder of a fellow student. The story unfolds as Gayatri seeks answers to the questions that keep reverberating in her mind. What has made the boy who has a heart of gold, commit a crime as heinous as murder? Is he really guilty or was he trapped? A story of indomitable courage, selfless love and ardent friendship will reaffirm your faith in the power of hope.

A few quotations from the book –

“Saying a prayer is like sharing your sorrows with a best friend.”

“Life can change from a bed of roses to a scorching desert within a blink of an eye.”

“I couldn’t find any rational explanation for the strange turbulence of emotions that builds up inside me like a whirlpool whenever she crosses my visual field.”

“How could a complete stranger invade our psychic system and gain control over us so much that we seem to lose ourselves to them?”

“Within a fraction of a second, our eyes exchanged millions of unspoken words with each other. And then her face faded in the far horizon as the speeding jeep parted us.”

“The thread of both life and death were intertwined in my current state of existence and I was somewhere in between both.”

“I was floating in a vacuum where there was neither sound to jolt me nor gravity to bound me.”

“The path of evil seems to be attractive and promising but it always ends up in a terrible terminal. On the contrary, the path of righteousness is rough and bumpy but leads to a glorious culmination.”

“I felt as if a stranger has suddenly banged into the privacy of loneliness and carved a niche in my heart.”

“Glooms and glees are nothing but mirages that we have created ourselves in our minds.”

“We are so much concerned about our tomorrows that we even forget to live our todays.”

“Pleasure and pain traverse our lives in vicious circles like day and night.”

“Our birth is the best and the worst thing that has happened to us. It depends on us what we turn our life into.”

“Her voice was as moist with tears as it was scorching with sarcasm.”

“Vigour is the quality of the soul and not of the body. A resilient soul can cherish even in a half-dead body.”

“All our rosy dreams don’t harden into reality but some do melt into tears.”

About the Author –
Jisha Rajesh is a doctor by profession and a writer by passion. She dreams of spreading the message of love, compassion and universal brotherhood through her stories. She was a winner of various literary competitions during her college days. She is an avid reader and music and cooking are her other hobbies. Her stories have been published on StoryMirror, Muse India and Indus woman writing.


Cover: 4.5/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 2.5/5
Presentation: 4.5/5
Plot: 4.5/5

Final Rating: 4/5

The cover of the Book is very different. It has an image of a Doctor who is hand-cuffed from behind with stethoscope in his hands. It reflected the storyline perfectly.

The author has very smartly used the well known phrase “The Ray of Hope” in naming the novel by replacing the word Hope with its hindi meaning “Asha”.

The Blurb could have been better, had the author used just a few quotes. It’s the only area where the author could have done a better job.

The plot begins with the protagonist Gayatri who is a journalist being asked to interview a Spiritual Healer. During the course of interview, She got attracted towards the Healer and gets to know about his dark side.

I liked how the author has explained the Spiritual Science in the novel. The narration of the story was so gripping that didn’t led me to leave the book in the middle. The grammar and the usage of vocabulary was at par. The language was easy and understandable.

All in all, It was a great novel with essence of motivation, love, friendship and hope.

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