Book Review

Book Review: Satrangi Syaahi by Surendra Kumar Gupta and Neha Jindal


As the rainbow deck up the sky with its beautiful mesmerizing colours, in the same way a human heart is an enchanting canvas of colourful emotions. The stark red paints love and passion, blue the gloom, the bubbly pink immerses you in the carefree memories of childhood and white depicts the gravity of mood. Satrangi Syaahi is one such collection of beautiful Hindi poetry that captures vivid emotions of human heart and takes you on a beautiful journey, Life. This collection of poetry is a reflection of emotions of two authors Surendra Kumar Gupta and his daughter, Neha Jindal (author of Phases of Moon). Experience the colours of life through this emotional web of words.


Cover- 4 stars
Title- 4.5 stars
Blurb- 3 stars
Narration- 4 Stars
Poems- 4 stars
Language- 4 stars
Writing and Presentation- 4 Stars
Overall Rating- 4 Stars

The cover is beautifully designed. It has a portrait of an Pen used in old Times with an colourful background, and some birds are flying from that Pen’s Top.

The title is very good for the poems as it has poems written by the two authors and varies on different levels of depth.

The blurb is good, but there is scope of improvement there.

What I loved about the poems are that the poems are classified in 5 different heads, which are Vyangya, Bendelkhand ke gaurav, Deshprem, Bhav-bheeni and Chhanikayen.

All the poems are written with a view which every reader can feel and imagine, what both the authors are trying to put forward.

Overall it is a beautiful book of poems written very well. I loved all the poems written in the Vyangya section, the most.

Looking forward to read more such poems in future.

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