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Book Review: Buddha on Wall-Street by A Venkatasubramanian


Can Money Buy Happiness? How to Maximize your HQ (Happiness Quotient)? What is the Path to ‘Financial MOKSHA’? How to use your finances to Maximize your Potential? Why is Money like ‘Oxygen’?
BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is where western philosophies of maximizing wealth meet the eastern philosophies of moderation and maximizing happiness. This is where the United States of America meets Bhutan.
While BUDDHA on WALL-STREET is primarily a book on investments it seeks to redefine happiness from the perspective of ancient wisdom drawing on the source of true happiness. It is materialism with contentment.
BUDDHA on WALL-STREET not only equips the reader with knowledge and wisdom to effectively maximize returns and manage one’s investments but also lays out a balanced approach to maximize one’s happiness.
In the material world there is a single pointed focus towards attaining wealth. This defeats the purpose it intends to serve, ending in misery rather than happiness. The book deals with the mechanics of how to maximize one’s Happiness Quotient (HQ).
The Book is a practical guide on how one should balance out one’s primal desires for infinite wealth with one’s HQ (Happiness Quotient). It is about securing our future with the right investments and managing our lives with the right attitude.


Cover: 5/5
Title: 4.5/5
Blurb: 4/5
Presentation: 4.5/5
Plot: 4/5
Motivation: 4.5/5

Final Rating: 4.5/5

The cover is very beautifully designed. It’s quite thought-provoking. An image of Lord Buddha with enlightening rays coming from his Behind with some numbers written on the rays. Symbolically it means how to live life financially to the fullest by being on the Enlightening path as shown by Lord Buddha.

The Title despite being intriguing, simply suggests what the contents of the Book are. “Buddha on Wall-Street: Knowledge, Wisdom, Financial Moksha and Bliss”, this title made me pick this novel for attaining financial moksha.

The Blurb about this self help book is to the point. It just hits a sixer out of the park. It gives a very clear picture of what this book is about.

This Self Help book provides the reader with answers to many questions. This book not only equip you to deal with your finances in a better way, but also helps you understand the concept of Happiness Quotient.

The author has very beautifully divided the whole book in different chapters where he talks about different topics. The way the author has given examples is just mind-boggling.

The language used is simple and easy to understand for the readers. The efforts and thorough research of the author shows itself through his work. This book made me realise that it’s not always about money, in the end it’s more about happiness.

I must say this is perfectly written book which serves it’s purpose of motivation.

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