Book Review

Book Review: Two Shades of Yellow by Akanksha Mishra


Love is beautiful, sweet, and amazing when things go well. The world seems like heaven but equally arduous when you have to travel this journey of love with lots of distress, disappointments, and confusion created by people, situations, and even the person you are in love with.

Diya is a beautiful innocent girl, and her story touches every girl who is trapped in a two-faced society. She looks normal, but inside, she is a one-woman army. She is in a war against the male-dominated world.

Yellow is not just a shade in Diya’s life, it has a significance in her lifelong journey. Diya hates boys and men. She is afraid and distressed by all of them. Despite so much hate, she fell in love with Rahul, a boy who promised her to marry but ended up leaving her all alone.

Diya isn’t happy. She wants to leave the city, and fortunately, she found a job in an MNC. Here, she met Ronit, and he did unexpected things she never would have imagined for her.

Will Ronit help her or land her in more trouble?

It’s not just Diya’s story but the story of a girl who is trapped in the society, fighting for her dreams and dignity. Diya is a girl you know ‘Or’ the girl next door ‘Or’ maybe this is you in her story.


Cover: 4.5/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Plot: 4.5/5

Final Rating: 5/5

The cover looks beautiful. It justifies the title and the story in true sense.

What an story with an amazing title.

The blurb of the book describes the core of the story perfectly.

The main protagonist Diya is abused multiple times by different men.
What she went through, many girl faces similar situations in life. Even after all such harassments, she stood still in her life, hoping for a better life.

The storyline, the plot, the characterization, and every situation is unique and described very well by the authoress.

What I loved is the description of every place and moment, which is given in such a detail that a reader can imagine it vividly.

The language of the book is simple enough to connect with the readers.

Looking forward to read more from the Authoress.

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