Book Review

Book Review: Love Story of a Commando by Swapnil Pandey


Do we really have control over how we feel for somebody? Can we stop ourselves from falling for someone, even if we know he’s just not right and means only trouble?

Riya is a millennial who watches Splitsvilla, worships David Guetta, sways to Ed Sheeran tunes … She knows nothing of passion, agony, gallantry, sacrifice and love—until the day she meets Captain Virat. Captain Virat is a Black Cat commando with the NSG, India’s elite counter-insurgency Special Forces unit. He is swift, sharp, lethal and dark. He has trained across the globe and wrangled with many a dangerous situation. There’s nothing he cannot handle—except his own demons.

When Riya meets Virat at an art exhibition in Delhi, sparks fly, but he then just disappears, leaving her broken-hearted. Riya moves to Mumbai to start afresh, but a different kind of danger stalks her here. Under the burning dome of the Taj Palace hotel, Riya and Virat’s lives intersect once again. Then he leaves … again. Crushed, Riya decides to leave it all behind for the remoteness of a village in Kashmir. But peace is short-lived. The prime minister’s visit to the Valley brings violence, and gunfire, back into her life. As they find themselves behind the enemy lines in PoK, can Virat snatch her away from the jaws of death this time too? Can there be a happily ever after for Riya and Virat?

Love Story of a Commando brings together the mystique and perils of the uniform with an epic romance that must brave the fragility of these present times.


Cover: 5/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Plot: 5/5

Final Rating: 4.5/5

The cover is just perfect, given the plot and the story. To be frank, This is the best cover for this story. Better cover is a rare possibility for this.

The title “Love Story of a Commando” seems perfect as the plot is based on the love story of an Black Commando. It’s simple and attractive.

The Blurb is thought provoking with the mention of the initial meetings of Virat and Riya.

This is the story of Riya, who is from millennial generation and Captain Virat, a Black Cat commando with NSG. Virat is willing to do anything for his country, like any other army men.

But their story begins at an art exhibition in Delhi, and is setup in Mumbai as well as Kashmir.

The story is a real thriller. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down till you complete it.

The language used is really good. The narration is simply interesting and both the characters are crafted beautifully that they feel so real.

I somehow got involved with the plot, thinking about what will happen next in the story. This is an story of love, affection, courage, duty, heart, and honour.

To sum it up, it is an unpredictable tale with an thriller experience.

It’s a recommended read for book lovers who like to read thriller or romantic stories.

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