Book Review



This research paper by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant, that was first published on Scribd web portal in the year 2017 talks on the precept of Hegemony, how it is misused in nature to United States, and how American supremacy tries to dominate making its misuse a complete swing of narrative for its own political uses.
A work that analyse the key dominance fixture, the lasting events that have taken place in action by American political system as within the world political syndrome of dominance, and a work that usually highlights how the future times won’t accept the complete Hegemony of American power, it is a work of various narrative, different concepts, and the footnotes done in Blue book format make it an impressive work of its own element by the author himself.
This work usually talks of the concept like ‘Hegemony’ in wider precept, it argues the case of precept and its role as well as use by larger power sharing the role, the ideologies put forward make it clear that why Hegemony is used for different strategies by countries like United States, Russia or even by China, and why they wish to dominate the world polar order, and ultimately the research paper ends with worry of dominance resulting in crisis and collapse of world peace which make it an effective paper with well researched initiative around.
Thus a work with many different views of Hegemony, a collective insight on the future of American politics on the dominant scene, an effort on various roles of certain systems, and a research narrative of political system working around the globe, This paper would give you an interesting insight, is prepared with proper care on the subject matter, and helps you to go through more deep on the concept and gives a strong message that Hegemony can’t be used by one country for its own dominance and perspiration for which it is a must read and provides with great insight at large…


Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Subject: 4/5
Relevance: 4/5

Final Rating: 4/5

The cover is so beautiful. It connects with the subject instantly. This Book reminds me of Great America.

The title “American Hegemony in Present” seems to be a good title as this research paper talks about the relevant misuse of America by dominating other nations because of its supremacy financially and through other resources.

The Blurb is quite thought provoking and engaging. The story is beyond what is going on globally after the Covid-19 in the background. Sudden Drops in the Market Valuations of a number of Nations, Sudden Buying of Stocks and Assets by China to claim supremacy on other nations. The Blurb tried to capture this effect by America in the past years.

This research paper would help you to understand different backgrounds, expectations, thought processes, which together help in building supremacy and begin a vicious cycle to boost it.

Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down till you complete it. This is one such research subject.

The language and the narration is engaging. This story has multiple impacts globally and calls for sensible decision making on the part of indian government.

It’s a recommended read for book lovers who like to read global and social subjects.

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