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Author Interview: Dinesh Veraa



1) Being an author is an uphill task. What is the most tiresome and complex task you went through while publishing for the first time? 
The most difficult part is to convince a traditional publishing house to publish your book. It is really an uphill and tiring task. Doesn’t matter how good your manuscript is, unless you are some celebrity or social influencer, you debut book will be rejected most of the times.

2) What kept you going during that point of time? 
It was really difficult and I almost give up. The good reviews that I was getting from my beta readers kept me going on, to be honest.

3) Is there any kind of writing which you despise, you don’t feel connected with?
Not to say despise, but I don’t feel connected when I read complicated writing styles.

4) When did you decide that you want to write?
At the age of 24.

5) One of the first novels that you read which inspired you to write? 
Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

6) When did the story weave itself in your mind? Any specific incidents? 
I recall exactly of such incident. I gradually crafted the story after I have made my mind to write a novel.

7) Many people think that Life of Authors is exciting and rewarding (after the release of Movie Baghban). What are your views? 
It is not always rewarding. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. Only 1 to 5% of authors in India have made a good living out of writing, as a career. About exciting, yes its definitely exciting to share your stories with others and you can do that as a writer.

8) What is the most content feeling you have ever felt and when?
After completing ‘Shiva Origins: The Son of Ganga’ 

9) Any word of advice for authors and bibliophiles out there?
To be honest, the writing field is getting very competitive especially in India. If you want to be a successful author and make a life out of writing then you must be having a good strategy to break into the bestseller categories. I write mainly mythology books; thus, my advice will be more helpful for any newbie authors planning to explore the mythology genre. I have 3 suggestions for them. Firstly, think of a fresh and impactful storyline for the book. Then write the story in an engaging way as possible with multiple rounds of editing. Lastly create an excellent book cover and focus on the marketing.

10) I would like you to share something about yourself with the readers. Something that does not go in the ‘about the author’ section, something that is the real you.
I might sound like a nerd who only spends time in reading medical and yoga books, but to be honest I am someone who loves to explore and have fun. I do read Japanese Mangas such as Naruto and One piece and I love to play video games whenever time permits.

11) What’s more important to you as an author, sales or satisfaction?
Both are equally important to me. A good book is measured by sales, thus its important too.

12) We all with love to know about your roots, What’s your connection with India? Could you tell us about it. 
I am a Malaysian citizen, born and raised in Malaysia. However, both my maternal and paternal grandparents are Indian citizens who were brought in to Malaysia by British Government of the past. Despite living away from India, my parents and grandparents assured that I am familiar with the Indian Culture and Traditions. Thus, I grew with a great admiration on India and always wanted to be connected with India. By God’s grace, I met my lovely wife, Deeksha Chouksey, an Indian citizen from Bhopal and married her. It was a love marriage and with that, I think I am deeply connected with India now.

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