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Ajith, the CEO of India’s most popular coffee chain, Good Morning Inc., is outrageously shocked to hear the pitch from a tech startup: fire all managers and replace them with AI. Though he wants to dismiss the idea, the pitch is ferociously compelling. Before Ajith could take a firm decision, an unexpected tragedy occurs at one of the coffee stores. Ajith loses control over his company overnight. He stages a secretive reverse coup to regain his company.

At the same time, the office of the WHO issues a warning about a global respiratory pandemic to the Indian government, but the prime minister’s office ignores it. Instead, it spends its focus on the developments of Good Morning Inc. Why would the PMO’s office be interested in the incidents of a corporate entity?

Rahul is excited to meet his blind date at one of the coffee shops of Good Morning Inc. What he doesn’t know is that he is just a pawn whose actions are about to trigger an avalanche of consequences in the lives of many people, related and unrelated to Good Morning Inc.

Will Ajith ever regain his company? Will he become the first CEO in the world to successfully use artificial intelligence instead of human leaders to manage its workforce?


Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Plot: 5/5

Final Rating: 4.5/5

The cover is simply good for the plot and the story. This is the simplest cover which depicts the Corporate Scenario in a nutshell for a Startup.

The title “The Unexpected Leader” seems apt as the plot is all about a corporate war between two thought process which has no moral grounds whatsoever left in the corporate world, just the focus on profit and optimization.

The Blurb is quite thought provoking with the mention of hiring of AI in place of Humans.

This is the story of losing his own company by Ajith and getting it back.

I would suggest that This Novel should be studied as a Case Study for “Corporate Scenarios” to all the Students entering the corporate world.
They should study this story and understand these situations, as it’s a perfect benchmark setter.

The story is a real thriller. Once you start, you won’t be able to put it down till you complete it.

The language used is really good. The narration is simply interesting and both the characters are crafted beautifully that they feel so real.

It’s a recommended read for book lovers who like to read thriller or corporate stories.

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