Book Review

Book Review: The Search Within by Anubhav Shrivastava


Our lives are but a memorandum of the greatest moments that define us. While some get colored in shades of triumph and happiness, others find meaning in despair and woe.

It is in them, and through various emotions of love, longing, heartbreak, estrangement and soul-searching we encounter along the way, that we finally find ourselves. Rarely do we revisit those forgotten lanes of the heart and dwell in the warmth of their solemnity.

The Search Within, is an extremely personal collection of poems by Anubhav Shrivastava that promises to ring hard on the deepest chords of the heart and pay homage to the gift called Life.


Cover: 4/5
Title: 4/5
Blurb: 3.5/5
Presentation: 4.5/5
Poems: 4/5
Final Rating: 4/5
The cover is mesmerizing in its simplistic design. The left half of the cover has an half image of a Guy and the other half has a couple and some birds flying over them.
It’s quite an title, and very apt title for the collection of 49 poems.
The blurb of the book describes the content of the book well.
The poems are quite unique and described very well by the author. It is based on a variety of aspects, like friendship, love, choices, etc. All in all it has a variety of human emotions.
What I loved is the way, these poems in one way or the other made sense in everyone’s life. I could relate with most of the poems. My favourite being “Maa” and “Choice”.
I felt like I am reading something. I was emotionally touched by such a craft. All I can say is that you will be filled with a numerous emotions when you will read all the poems.
What I can assure you is that You won’t regret reading this one.
Looking forward to read more from the Author.

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